Breakout Quality

What kind of lifespan can you expect from the breakout cable?

After a little over a year of use on a pedal board I just realized it was my breakout cable that wasn’t working. Unfortunately I sold my voicelive 3 extreme because I thought that was the problem. I had changed every other cable except that one because it was the newest and never moved.

It’s on me, I should have checked everything but I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve never had a cable crap out that soon and I do 50+ gigs a year.

Replacing BeatBuddy Mini DIN Socket with TRS Midi

Here’s an option

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During 4 years very light usage (not used in any gigs) I have now 2 breakout cables broken and hence just ordering 3rd one.
I wish I could just attach my Quicco Sound wireless midi adapter directly to Beatbuddy chassis like doable with many other devices having midi in and out.
This cable is definetely the weak link of Beatbuddy.