Replacing BeatBuddy Mini DIN Socket with TRS Midi

Hello everybody
Just finished upgrade of my Beatbuddy replacing the proprietary midi socket with two TRS midi sockets. From now on I don’t need the proprietary BeatBuddy Midi Sync Cable for connecting to my Boss RC-500 and Morningstar MC8, just TRS cables.


Nice. Should be a more reliable connection and lower profile. Mini Din is a horrible connector.

How easy of a mod was this? Are there easy to identify wires that you can splice into? Desolder through hole mini-din mount?

Pictures of the interior?

Probably my warranty was done but it was worth it. I used TRS Type A standard. For type B you have to make the necessary adjustments.

  1. You need 5 wires, two 6,5 TRS sockets, a driller to make the holes and a soldering iron.
  2. I disassembled the printed circuit board where the Mini Dinconnector is soldered.
    For that you have to remove the backplate, the phones potentiometer wheel and 3 screws.
    To identify the soldering points in the printed circuit I connected two Midi Cables to the Midi Sync cable IN and Out and tested where pins 2,4 and 5 were connected using a multimeter. I made a drawing of resulting scheme. The points 1-6 are the soldering points of the Midi Din connector.
  3. Make the holes on the Beatbuddy Box. You have to be carefull on chosing TRS stereo connectors that are small enough for the space you have and protecting the interior so that the aluminum pieces do not float inside
  4. I did not remove the old socket so I have a backup connection in case of a connection problem with the new ones. Connect points 5 and 2 to Tip and Ring of Midi In socket (no need to connect Ground). Connect points 4, 3 and 1 to Tip, Ring and Ground of Midi Out socket.
  5. Reassemble the printed board into place, fix the new sockets into its place and the backplate. Thats it.

Hope this helps others to make this improvment on this allready excelent piece of hardware


Great idea. Thanks for posting the pictures and schematic

My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

Very impressive. I am thinking of mounting 3.5mm sockets on mine.
Thank you for the schematic.

3.5mm sockets would be easier to accommodate in the space. My option for 6.5 was just because my Midi Controler has this type of connectors. Go ahead and share your experience here.

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