Can I replace a BeatBuddy surface mounted inductor?

As someone who’s taken their BB apart, I was wondering if you might be able to help me out.

I took my BB apart to paint the chassis today and the placement of a certain screw/nut made it pretty much impossible to unscrew the pcb without touching the 3 components around it. Sadly one component did not survive the process. I believe it’s a surface mount inductor.

Any ideas on how or if this could be fixed? I’m assuming I’d have to take it to an SMD soldering expert?

It came off VERY easily and doesn’t appear to be too damaged. The left pad came off very cleanly and the right pad still has some solder on it with the snapped piece of inductor wire inside.

I’m sure this completely voids the warranty so I’m prepared to buy another BB if necessary. Just wanna know how bad the situation is.

Thanks and sorry for posting this here, I can’t seem to find out how to start a new thread.

If the component is still ok it does not seem to be hard to solder it with a normal small soldering iron, it seems a fairly large component looking at the soldering points. Though looking at the picture I would try to find a replacement…

It looks like you have taken one of the contact pads off the printed circuit board (pcb). That white square on the left of the red circle, would normally be metal, and the component is then soldered to the contact pad. Looking at the component picture you can see the pad (the red/brown rectangle) still attached. Without the pad you will not be able to re-solder the component in place It will take specialised tools and considerable skill to repair the pcb, before the component can be reattached.
I think the component is a 330uH fixed inductor, they are fairly easy to get hold of.


Looks like SytRep is right, about the PCB board being damaged. There may be just enough left on the board to solder to. There are two joints going to the other side of the board that can be used to solder it to. But as said it will need considerable soldering skills. I think the right side will be enough to hold the component in place and when it is cooled down enough a bit of hot glue can also help.


Thanks so much for your super fast replies guys and for helping accurately identify the problem :pray: Very much appreciated! I was hoping for an easy job I could do with my cheap amazon soldering kit but I guess this is one for the pros.

I took it to a repair shop today and was able to tell them what the problem was in much more detail. They said they should be able to fix the issue caused by the torn off pad using jumper wire and reattach the 330uH inductor. I just need to finish the paint job and put it all back together before they attempt to fix it. I’d hate to break it off again right after they reattach it haha

Wish me luck

Good to know that its going to be fixed for you.
Post some pictures of your painted BB when its done.
All the best.