Brushes kit with Bass

Thanks to GuitarStu, I followed suit and edited the Brushes kit to add bass. I believe I used the same bass samples, which were found by Google search, download, then adding 2 octaves of the Ibanez bass samples (fingered).

See GuitarStu’s excellent post regarding implementing the kits. I used both his and mine on several songs at this past weekend’s gigs, and they worked great.

Many thanks for your work, much appreciated, you guys rock!

Thank you so much… I just downloaded this, and with the help of Psalm40’s videos, have been able to install it painlessly. We were trying to find something with a softer feel to it, and this just may do the trick. You guys are the best.

Hi, your link is an error? Can you update that please?

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Is there still a possibility to get this drumset?
Maybe someone still has got a copy?


@persist Thank you so much, awesome!

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