BUG: BB Manager - Using a period in the song name

If you use a period character followed by a space in a song name, e.g. “Dr. Dog-Where’d all the time go” it breaks your parser for the csv config song file. It essentially ignores any songs in the list following that period and via processing modifies the config file by deleting all lines including and after this instance. So if this song were song number five in the csv file the BB Manager would only show the first four songs.

To fix this, I had to remove the period from the song name in the config file itself, then reload the project. Then it would parse correctly. I assume you’re using the period as a token or delimiter. I would suggest you either change the parsing algorithm, I am guessing it’s a regex, or disable the ability to use a period in the song name.

Fortunately, I keep my project files in source control (GIT) and was able to step back historically to the last version that loaded and compare it to the version that didn’t.

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No feedback on this?

Thanks for providing your insights. This issue has previously been reported by forum users. Singular Sound has been working on squashing many of these insidious—and in this case—destructive bugs. They are making progress and one of these days, we might see a software update. As to when that update will be released, I have no idea.