bug with midi transition?? Beta firmware

With the MIDI CC for transition (113 with a value of 1) it works however the transition keeps looping and does not progress to the variation part. If I send a CC 113 with a value of 0 it then goes to the variation part…

Is there a way you guys can make it so when the 113 is sent, the transition plays but auto jumps to the appropriate variation?

I think this is intentional so that you can trigger the tranisition part, and the transition itself, separately, since sometimes the transition part is important

cool thanks aashi I thought as much and I can configure the external device to do both tasks. Might be nice to have a dedicated CC to do the task outlined in the OP though :slight_smile:

I don’t follow what the issue is - are you saying that the transition fill keeps looping until you send a MIDI CC 113 0 and then it moves to the next song part?
Also is it possible to move to a song part that is not the next one in the loop - so could I move from song part 1 to song part 3 using midi commands?
Thanks, Tom

Yes, that’s exactly what it does. It’s meant to be used with momentary switches which send a value when you press them, then a 0 when you release.

I’ve been requesting this too, I think it would be awesome.

I´ve asked BB team for linking the CC 113 value to the matching Song part (so value 1 would be Song part 1, value 2 would be song part 2 and so on. Value 127 would work like default , always change to next part), but no answer…
That would be so awesome!

This function is interesting: when using the BB manually you need to hold down the pedal for a short while to allow a transition to kick in and to distinguish the action from the one used to kick off a fill, which is to simply tap and release the pedal quickly. But I am guessing that the midi commands work differently in that you can send a 113 1 and then a 113 0 in quick succession and it will kick off the transition fill (if there is one) followed by the transition itself at the end of the measure. The other interesting thing is that with midi you can time the first 113 to be exactly where you want it and this gives you some control over the amount of fill you get because (hopefully) the BB will still wait until the end of the measure before completing the transition. So send it early and you get more fill than if sent late. I know you can do this manually too but it is much more difficult to get the timing right.

One test worth trying is whether sending multiple 113 in succession continues the scroll through the song parts: so for example if I am on song part 1 and I have 75% of the measure to go when I send the first 113 1. What would happen if I sent another 113 1 immediately after or if I sent the following: 113 0, 113 1, 113 0 would it move on to song part 3, assuming there is one, skipping song part 2? Any ideas on what would happen in these cases?

What I tried is, pressing the “transition switch” on my controller twice, first time to start transition, second time when transition is going… That gets me back to Song part 1 (in a 2 parts song), so “scrolling through the parts” should work…
But I would prever to have command to bring me to selected Song parts (so I could link the BB song parts to my Looping songparts…), maybe with the different values (but I mentioned it allready:D)

Okay, so far I see is if you send 113v1 it starts transition, v0 ends it and you´ll be in the next song part, if you send a second 113 v 1, there is no change, it will end transition at the end of the meassure and “kick” you to the next part, but a second 113v0 quits transition, you´ll keep staying in the Song part you´ve been. So no scrolling through parts available…
But I would prever a “Song part per value of transition”. So value 1=Song part 1, value 2 =Song part 2 and so on…(value 127 as ever, for going to next part), but the trouble button behaviour with a second 113 v 0 is very cool (IMO)!

Here’s what I’d like to see…
CC113: 0 - End transition
CC113: 1-9 - Transition to specific part 1-9 (must be ended with CC113:0) - if you have more than 9 parts, maybe get a real drummer.
CC113: 10-19 - Transition to specific part 1-9 (ends automatically at end of bar)
CC113: 20-123 - Undefined
CC113: 124 - Transition to previous part (ends automatically at end of bar)
CC113: 125 - Transition to previous part (must be ended with CC113:0)
CC113: 126 - Transition to next part (ends automatically at end of bar)
CC113: 127 - Transition to next part (must be ended with CC113:0)

CC113:0 is important because it allows those with momentary switches to hold the button down then release when they want to end the transition.