Cajon Drum Kit (Free)

Great cajon kit, Ben. What I particularly like about it is that the kit’s drum sounds blend so well with acoustic guitar. Far more organic than the regular kits. Thanks.

Thanks for the great cajon kit!

Thanks for the cool Cajon kit Ben.

Sounds great tome, I just tried it with the Samba Funk. Have you tried the Samba Funk yet? it is one of my favorites.

Most Excellent! Thanks

I’ve bought a few of the drum kits from the Library, but somehow the Ben Cajon Drum Kit still sounds more suitable for the single guitar/singer setup. The other drum kits sound more suitable for full band setups. Also, it sounds as good, if not better than the World Percussion Drum Kit cajon. Thank you Ben!

thanks mate.


Thank you very much for the kit, is it compatible with logic 9 as well ?
I´m using logic since a month so i´m still not very good in it, how can i open the kit in logic after downloading it ?

Would appreciate your feedback,
Thanks again,

It s seems like its a .DRM file, i think that s why i cannot open it…

Hi Naoufal. The BeatBuddy drum set files (.drm) are not editable in programs such as Logic Pro X or Reaper. Look up forum user Psalm40; he’s made some tutorials for editing drum sets.

Do you have the midi mapping of the cajon set? Thanks anyway. It sound wonderful!!!

Here we are way down the road after you gave us this but …many thanks. We use it on only one tune (Some Kind of Wonderful) but it adds a very nice change in scenery from so much else. We’ve been using the BB since we got it (really from day 1 it was that easy). I thought it would be nice on a handful of tunes but it quickly became the rule with only a few songs in 4 sets where it isn’t used. And that’s with all the stock stuff it comes with (well - except your contribution and one or two other crafted .sng files).

hi !!! thank you your drumkit it sounds great with an acoustic guitar :slight_smile: magic !!!

hi guys I’m trying to download the file and it says that the file is gone already. how can i get a copy of this cajon drum kit… i need it for my work .

thanks in advance.

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I couldn’t find it either. It must be gone. For the Cajon I tried I think its Angelo’s kit and the paid World Percussion kit and the world percussion kit sounds much better.

Can someone please post the “Ben Cajon Drum Kit” please? Would even pay $.

Anyone got the working link to download?

Try the benjocajon kit instead: Cajon Drum-Kit

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I know I am a few years late to the party, but is there any chance someone still has this cajon kit that i could download from? I went to the link and it had been deleted