Cajon Drum-Kit

Cheers, @checho11 . I agree. I spent a few years playing Rumba/ Flamenco on cajon/ percussion, so making the set and beats should bring some fond memories back :slight_smile: There is quite a lot of it here in Miami, FL too.

Cajon Kit Here!!

Mate you’re a LEGEND!!! In the broad sense of the word! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,it’s really fantastic

I downloaded and installed the Cajon drum kit then realized I haven’t a clue as to how to create the MIDI beats for it. I’m new to the BB. I have a drum machine, Roland Keyboard, Logic ProX and MIDI interface but I don’t think there is a way to hear the sounds on the BB by playing via MIDI using an external machine like a drum machine or keyboard to create the feel and pattern I want. Is there? I’m thinking the MIDI sync cables are only for syncing the clock, not to access the sounds via midi maybe I’m wrong. How did you create your midi files to play the cajon set?

@ttsing4u You are correct. MIDI function on the BB is only to sync the clocks. In order to hear the sounds in your computer midi sequencer, you’d need to have a virtual sampler with the same drum sounds loaded and mapped as in the BB.

Can you recommend one? (virtual sampler) or are you speaking of a sampler like built in to the Roland Keyboard?

For creating BB loops and sets, I used Groove Agent 4 SE that comes included with Cubase. Native Instruments’ Kontakt is industry standard, but it is not free. The player is (which is a limited version of the same sampler).
You use Logic. Its’ sampler is EXS24, which is included with it. You can use that.

Hi mate,
This may sound like a silly question, but how do you intall the Cajon drum kit? I Tried installing it by opening the manager , then saving it, but it didn’t work. I also dragged the file to the drum kit folder, but I’ve got the feeling this is not the way I’m supposed to do it. Can you please point me out in the right direction ? Cheers

You can open the drumkit under file or import the drumkit under import-export (what the difference is I dont know).

Import - Export > Import Drum Set.

Sounds great Thank you!

Could you please upload the file again?

See below.

hi Phil , the Link is down. is it possible to share Cajon kit again? thanks a lots.


Hi I"m new to the BB forum. The Cajun Kit link seems to be dead. Is anybody able to repost it? Thanks, Rob

It’s there, in the link right above your, and its a Cajon kit, not a Cajun kit. Those would be two different things. To download the Cajon kit, click above where it say Ben Cajon kit - as Requested. You’ll get taken to a Dropbox page. If you then click on the .zip file, you get taken to a page where you should see “Open With” in the upper right. If you click on that, “download” will be an option. Sorry for the difficulty, but I didn’t write the Dropbox program.

Ya just keeps saying the site can not be reached. Don’t worry about it. But I appreciate the response. Cheers

Try this link.

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