Can beatbuddy screen be display on other device?

In terms of playing in time, especially with loop pedal, when beat buddy just being used as time clock at beginning of song and light symbol, rather than looking down at pedal be good to see display on phone or ipad. The display is really good to help with timing of transitions etc. A kind of heads up display of pedal. I have worked out how to connect my Boomerang loop pedal via midi which is essential for keeping loops in time. Thanks

No, but you can add a two button footswitch on the floor and raise the BB to eye level.

I suspect it would be unreliable but I wonder if something like this would work

Point the camera at the BB screen and pick up the picture on a device closer to eye level :grin:

The added benefit is that when you’re not gigging, you can use it to help with home medicine

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