Can I change songs instantaneously (like a medley)

Hi all, new user here - some awesome products and heaps of great knowledge here. Simple question - I have a boss looper where I can go straight from one preset (song) to another instantaneously via footswitch so there’s no dead space in between. The 2nd song could have a completely different beat, tempo, feel etc. Can I do this on the Beat Buddy? I could arrange a 2nd song as another part of the 1st song but that’s alot of effort. Plus it wouldn’t necessarily be the same 2 songs that I’d want to tie together. I have the Maestro also if that helps. Thanks in advance!

Not that I’m aware of. The BB can only load one song in at a time.

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Check out this post: +++ ABBEY ROAD SIDE TWO COMPLETE +++ (OPBk) 2018-03-02 - BEATLES

Phil worked this up using Reaper and I’m sure it took a lot of effort. You could probably do something similar by making each song from your medley as Phil did (one long loop) or each song could be a separate Main Drum Loop. Either way requires a DAW and time stretching. You would be limited to use of a single drum set.

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Thanks guys sometimes technology has so much detail and then can’t do very basic things. Frustrating!

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The difficult part for the BB when switching songs is switching the drumset, because compared to midi files, those wav files that make up the kit are HUUUGE.

If you can figure out a common drumset to use between the various songs you want to medley, you can put the BB into the mode where it uses a common set for multiple songs… From there, using midi to select songs might be fast enough… What would definitely work though is to combine the parts of the songs into one big “song”, and use the MM to flip between parts on demand. I believe that individual parts can even specify their own tempo.

Thanks for the response - it makes sense why you can’t do this with the different drum kits. Yeah I suppose the only way is to create one big song and switch between parts. I haven’t worked out how to change tempo between parts yet, but I’ll get there. When I’m using the maestro and go into a song folder it automatically stops the current song unfortunately.

I’ve been messing with Bandhelper (which is AMAZING on its own!) and it can also trigger song changes… you might try messing with something like that–controlling the song selection via bandhelper (or other program), but controlling song part with MM