Can you make BeatBuddy transitions switch loops on the Pigtronix Infinity?


I just connected my Beatbuddy to a Pigtronix Infinity that I just bought. I expected this to take loads of fiddling about and setting up but to my amazement it worked straight out of the box. Midi sync is perfect. Stopping and pausing stops and pauses the looper perfectly!

I basically want it so that I can do verse/chorus songs on the fly ie do a verse then trigger loop 2 to create a chorus and then back. I’ve switched it to series looping mode obviously

What I’d really like is this. Dunno if it’s possible:

  1. When I hit the transition on bb it automatically switches to loop 2 i.e. when it comes out of the transition it triggers the infinity to switch to loop 2 with record turned on, and then when you transition back to verse it automatically switches back to loop 1. Currently I have to do the transition and then hit the loop button straight after - which would not be easy in a live situation. Tbh this is how it should work, I mean there are 2 loops on the infinity - when you transition to part 2 on the bb, generally you’d want it to switch to loop 2 on the infinity.

  2. Loop 1 automatically starts recording when you press start on bb (I have no intros or outros set up by the way - they’re all turned off)

  3. Set it so that it just records one measure (but still have the option to overdub when required) as I never usually record more than one. Then I wouldn’t have to punch out every time I record a loop which would be one less thing to do.

Thanks in advance

Masten :slight_smile:

It’s been a good while since I used the BB w/Infinity, but you should be able to do all of that using the BB Midi breakout and plugging the “Out” part of the cable into the “In” on the Infinity. The BB should already be configured to send signals as the master. The infinity should respond to the midi commands without doing a whole lot. At least I don’t remember having to struggle with it… One of the reasons i switched to the AEROS is I think it will be “easier” to use in the long run, vs Infinity. At the time, Infinity was the best option for midi integration with BB… Good luck!

Hey there Masten sounds to me like you need an Aeros :sweat_smile:

I could not tell you if the Infinity responds to the transition command, I’ll attach a screenshot of that command on BB so you can crosscheck. I can tell you however, the Aeros can do all these things and more.

Hi Aire

Yeah I got it to sync and respond to start/stop and pause, no probs at all. The main thing is how to get it to respond to transitions. Do you know how to get it to do that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Brennan

Yeah it’s out my budget at the moment, maybe down the line.

I think it’s cc 102, not 113 (that the midi in command) but tbh I’m not sure as I have no idea about midi and how it works. See here

So basically the infinity needs to receive cc 102 messages right

Are there any Infinity people out there that know about this. I’ve googled it but theres so much conflicting information.


Masten :slight_smile:

You’re very right I was looking at the MIDI in commands not the out, my bad! I’d wait to see what comes up, maybe someone has the answer you’re looking for!

hey man, just got my BeatBuddy, and my Pigtronix Infinity will be here in the mail soon, I’ll help you figure this out if you haven’t yet