Can you "mute" the microphone during loop with an acoustic instrument


I have an Aeros Loop Gold edition that I’m super happy with.
I’m a cellist so with an acoustic instrument it’s already a luxury to have switches that don’t make noise!

But I would also like to be able to “mute” my microphone while I record the loop. I would like to not hear the sound of microphone in my amp if it is not a loop yet ! This way I keep the sound of my instrument when I record and the track is only played when it is in the loop.

This would also avoid sound feedback.
I hope my explanation is clear.

Does the feature exist or do you think it could come in the near future?

Thank you for your answers,



I ran into this same situation yesterday and this is my intended solution. Available at most stores but I found this at Sweetwater: Pro Co Panic Button A/B + Mute Box.



Thank for your answer.

I will look into this solution!

For now I have found a compromise with my mixer.

I deactivated the main output of the Aeros in the routing and I pass the Aeros through the mixer (to have simpler volume control) by outputting it through the monitor.

I have a Yamaha mg10xu which allows you to mute the stereo in the monitor and therefore I cannot hear the microphone in the amp. Only the Aeros hears it!

IIRC you can have the microphone on the aux input and change the routing of aux in the Aeros settings.


Currently I use a custom switching box to route outputs from Acoustic, Bass (real on stand or Octave out), additional Electric guitars, and a separate vocal/percussion mic in and out of the Right channel of either of my loopers. The L channel is dedicated to FX send/return on my Kemper for my main electric guitar. It’s a little click-y and can sometimes cause pops, so I’ve arranged two mini-tuners to easily mute either/or/both for the R and L channels.

I have been looking at some XLR switchers and A/B boxes… but strictly for muting I did discover a really unique device but it’s a little salty in price.

The Optogate is a proximity sensor that adapts between the bottom of your mic and the XLR. When you step up to the microphone, it opens… step back and the gate shuts. :astonished:

They’re 200-250 depending on the options you need, but I’m probably going to get at least one, because it could be useful for either band I’m in as well as solo looping.

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I had the same issue, I added this and now I can stomp mute my mic as well as mix up to 4 sources pre Aeros.

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