Cannot overwrite default project

when i import project from pedal the message below appears. Running as admin doesent help.
Can anybody help me?


Nobody here who can help me?


okay its working again but i dont know how i did it?


I have encountered this very issue several times myself while working on BBManager 1.5.0. I am almost sure I’ve fixed this.
Are you using BBManager 1.5.0?

no im working now with bbmgr 1.41
bbmgr 1.50 is called “BBManager.150.lite.exe” what does that (lite) mean?

I f i install the new version what do i have to uninstall from the old version before?


The “lite” was meant to imply that this is a “lighter”, smaller installer that doesn’t include shipped drumsets.

Okay and what about installing. How do i have to do the update correctly?

Hi Daef,

i installed V1.50 everything seemed okay but when i launch BBMGR i have to wait about 10 Minutes because a message appears “Parsing Project files”. This message comes every time i launch BBMGR.
On another computer i have V1.3 and the same Project data. After launching BBMGR it takes maximum 2 seconds to parse project files

I still i have with V1.5 the problem that the behavior of the footswitch is different and the main pedal too when i export to pedal. When i synchronize everything works as it should.

Can you help me?

@897 I will need to have a backup of your project. You complain about this very issue several times already, and I am going to help you as I am totally unable to reproduce this by my own means.

I will need a copy of your project where you are seeing abnormal loading times.

To do this, please make the following steps.

  1. Launch BBManager 1.5.0. and wait those very 10 minutes of parsing files.
    Hold your mouse over “Project Explorer” to get the tooltip showing you what project you are opening and where it is located on your computer.
    Make sure you are opening the necessary project!

Open that folder and make an archive of all the files and folder inside there. Upload it to anywhere on the internet like Dropbox, Google Drive or anywhere else.
Please give me the link so I could check it out.

Hi Daef,
i made the zipfile and just in this moment im uploading it. How can i send a private message to you for the download link?


Private messages are called Conversations here. To be quite honest with you here, I have no idea about how one starts a conversation here, as usually I am the one who answers the conversations :slight_smile:

Just put the link here. You can later delete your message.

On an unrelated note - Windows x86 version of BBManager 1.5.0 is ready.

i sent the link to you in a converstion. Did you got it?

Nope :confused:

here is my link

Tell me if you received the data!


I have received your data, analyzing it now.

@897 Looks like you may be loading your project directly from the SD card. That would have explained why the speed is not as great as it should be. Save the local copy of the project, and you will definitely see an increase in project loading speed.

Simply use File > Save Project As and choose where you want your project to be saved at.

I haven’t seen any other problems with your data.

Hi Deaf,
that cannot be because i only plug th BB in to synchronize.
When i open the same project on an other computer with the BB version before everything is okay.

I think the data are okay and there is a problem with the program?


I don’t believe there is a program error. If your data indicated it, I would have fixed it instead of writing all this text! But my BBManager 1.5.0 is very stable at loading your project less in 5-8 seconds. Placing your data on my SSD drive reduces project loading time to stable 3-5 seconds.

I am almost sure the problem is your overall system performance.

I’d start optimizing it:

  • make sure there is some space on your system hard drive where Windows is installed, usually C:\
  • make sure you have enough RAM memory physically installed in your system. For example, 2Gb is a minimum for Windows 7 64-bit, and having less will force memory swappings to occur more frequently, reducing overall loading times drastically
  • defragment your hard drive to improve overall performance
  • clean up registry via some third-party tools like CCleaner (I used it in the past and it was okay, but no guarantees for )
  • reinstalling Windows can also help, as Windows registry will get automatically cleaned in the process.
  • an SSD drive will improve your overall system performance drastically, especially if you install Windows on it, although it is not required for BBManager itself

You mention you had another PC have you tried installing the latest version on that? As Daef mentions maybe there are is an issue with you PC. I have never seen the parsing take this long even when opening the project directly from the SD card. Although the footswitch configuration also gets overwritten but I always use the synchronise function and if it is greyed out I work out a way of getting round it - unusually by backing up my personal folders, reimport project from pedal and add the folders back.

i reinstalled BBMGR again to be shure there is nothing wrong.
Available space on my harddrive is nore than 200GB. My system information see below…
After installing BBMGR it took about 10 minutes to start BBMGR the first time without any data of my BB.

I dont know whats wrong?[ATTACH=full]1235[/ATTACH]