Can't copy current song (or delete or move)

Not being able to delete or move the current loaded song is a pain, but not being. able to copy it is surprising.

That said, I’d prioritize the being able to delete or move the current song as that is more common. Choose the next or a random song to select and don’t let me
delete the last song on the device (rarely going to happen) if you have to have one loaded at all times.

You can copy the currently open song from the Stopped Hands Free slideout menu in the Loop Studio, this is already possible in 5.0.x!

Moving it will be done soon, we are going to use a similar moving mechanism but likely within the song editing screen, more info soon

Deleting the currently open song will never be possible it is a limitation of the looper.

I will move this to the Help category for this reason :slight_smile:

We cannot allow copying or moving of current song while it is open from outside the loop studio screen, the former is harder to do and the latter it is a limitation of the looper

We do not allow batch requests, you are free to make a specific moving request if you would like to track it

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Wouldn’t it be possible if you could perform the following sequence?

  • current = currentSongId()
  • OpenSong(nextSongIdElseCurrentId())
  • if (currentSong != currentSongId()) deleteSong(currentSong)

This could be implemented via a composite function, events, or even callbacks.

We are not interested in exploring this at this time but thanks!