Cant download from the resources section

Hi folks
Ive been trying to download songs for the last couple of days without luck. Is there something wrong with the website or is it on my end?


It’s the website:

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

We have notified the web team, they will be looking into this today.

Hello guys… Same issue… Hope problem will be solved soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Gez. How long is it going to take to restore simple functionality to the website?

Seems to be working. I just downloaded I know you and also tried - with a little luck.sng both downloaded with no issues

Negatory there, Buddy. Those Resources were added after the “update”, so they work. Everything 11/23 and earlier is still unavailable, except for Resources in Dropbox and other sites outside of the Forum.

Wow Strange issue. thanks for the update

new user here - also unable to download drumkits or songs … updates please?

You should be able to download nearly all of the drumkits, as i don’t believe any of those were stored on the Singular Forum site. There are some drumkits which are just no longer available, as the original poster may have deleted them from their dropbox or other account, or may have just broken the link some other way.

Songs, on the other hand, that were posted prior to 11/24 are still unavailable, again, except for the FEW that may have be stored off-site.

and if you’re want updates, bookmark this link as I keep it updated

Whilst the Premium content may be back the rest of the resources are still unavailable. Any idea when they will be back online?

The priority was most likely on restoring and taking care of customers that had paid for beats and kits. They’re probably working on Resources now. Hopefully it won’t take another 10 days :eek:

Wow. Was really hoping (and expecting) the resources section to be back online for this weekends round of gigs. Whats the deal? Is it just a web issue or have you lost all of the resources?

Some news? I think all is lost now?

Thanks in advance

Same. Nothing’s lost. It just can’t be accessed until the web admin figures out how to restore the database.

New to the site and I’m testing a beat buddy, but want to know if content will be available in the future from the free website. Also have you ever considered a pro section that allows for purchasing individual songs for say 1.00 like iTunes.

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I have confidence that the content will be available. I have the songs backed up, and can re-upload should Singular not get it resolved. However, I was advised by a Singular representative, that they do have a back-up of the Resources.

Ok thank you

I keep trying daily and can not DL the older files on the site. Would like to know if this can be fixed