Can't easily change to autoquantize & start on commit (or vice versa) and other common settings

This is slow and likely confusing to many people to coordinate the settings in various places (and they don’t understand the possibilities).

Some ideas:

  • Add duplicates of commonly used together settings together where one of them appear (and hands free editable).
  • Add optional prompts to change related settings to “nice” value when changing one.
  • Have some concept of setting profiles that are pre populated and/or user editable. Or make these new song profiles.
  • Allow most settings to be changed from midi (so I can create new songs and set settings with one press). Might be useful in its own in addition to the above.

For me as a songwriter, I would like to see some of the global settings in song settings. Especially Autorecord, but this could go for mute and stop settings as well. Dont see any downside with this, as long as “global” per song gives global behaviour settings.

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Stay tuned :wink:


The Settings Template sons setting in beta 5.1.0 hopes to make this less of a problem and provide a solution!