Cant import drum sets ive created

Ive used the drum set editor and added bass sounds to a few drum sets and did the “save As” to create a new .drm file as well as changing the name in editor so as to not have the exact same name as the original i created it from but now i can’t import it as a new drum set. is there a step i’m missing or is there a max number of drum sets im allowed to have? any info would be helpful

no sooner do i write this then i read @Phil_Flood post on drum set creating and realize what ive done wrong. if you have this same problem read @Phil_Flood tutorial on drum set creating.

Hello AaronBrocks,
Can you send me the link from @Phil_Flood post on drum set creating. I can not find it . Thank you

Post 24/25 in this link would be a good starting point: Can you just use BB for drums? - #25 by Phil_Flood