Can't import V2 drumsets

HI there I’v recently found out about these V2 drumsets and I tried downloading them but can’t import to my BBM project. I’ve downloaded them from the SS website and extracted them to a separate folder, tried importing them to the BBM and nothing. No error messages.

Hey please reach out to for help, someone may get to you here first, but it doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:

Did you click on the Drum Sets tab and then check the checkbox to activate the drum set you just imported?

thanks Brennan!

That’s exactly what I was writing about persist. It doesn’t import to my BBM. Once I click on the desired drumset and click on Open, the Import window just closes and does absolutely nothing. I have the latest BBM version btw. the 1.6.5. I appreciate the prompt response.

Are you using File > Import > Drumset ?


exactly ghostofweedon

It could be a UI issue - have you tried closing BBM and opening again? Ive seen that before where the kit is there but UI hasn’t updated.

Definitely ghostofweedon. It was my third time relaunching it before I joined this forum. Would you suggest reinstalling BBM? Thank you for your prompt response.

I would try re-downloading the kits. Sometimes the downloads get corrupted or are otherwise incomplete.

Before you try to reinstall the content, could you provide a screen shot of the list from your drum sets tab? It would also help to know what drum sets you are trying to activate.

Good point. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your time!

All I have are the default kits. I haven’t modified anyting since I got this May 2017, so I still have the original 4GB card that came with it. Could it be that? Maybe not enough memory? I have already tried re-downloading the V2 sets both as an entire package and one by one (I’ve tried about three kits). Still no luck. Thank you for your time

I almost forgot

Are you working directly on the SD card or a project on the computer? if it’s to the SD directly that might be the issue - check to see if it’s locked. Have you successfully put any new songs on it?

Some things to check:

  1. Make sure you have opened the project on your computer and not your SD card.
  2. If you are using your SD card, make sure that it is not locked.
  3. If you don’t have anything important stored on your SD card, put the unlocked card in your computer SD slot reader and delete the content on the card. Empty the recycle bin or trash.
  4. Download, unzip and copy the Default Content Update to your unlocked card.
  5. Use the BBM File > Open Project on your SD card and when prompted, save it to your computer and accept the prompt for future sync.
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If this solves your issue, you might also want to update your firmware.

I honestly had no idea that you could work on the BBM without the card on the latptop. Now I do, thank you. The card however, has always been unlocked so it can’t be that.

Probably not the 4Gb SD card memory as the v2 Default Content only takes up about 691Mb of space (provided the Recycle Bin or Trash has been emptied).

Instead of using the SD card, you could copy the BeatBuddy_Default_Content_2.0-Project_SD_Card_backup folder directly to your projects folder: /Volumes/Mac HD/Other users/persist/Documents/ and open the project in that folder.

Maybe now is a good time to get acquainted with some of the reference documents: resources

Thanks persist, I just got a new SD card and downloaded the entire V2 Default content and plugged it back in my BB! Thank you for your time. I will definitely read through those when I get to it. Please have a great weekend ahead ad stay safe, stay indoors!