CC commands in midifile

is it possible to place cc commands in a midifile?
I want to trigger a looper to make it easyer for me.

Nobody whos a specialist in midi?

I use my DAW to send CC to the Beatbuddy

MIDI Commands
Program Change (CC) summary
Number Value Action
CC-0 [0-127] Bank (Song folder) Select MSB
CC-32 [0-127] Bank (Song folder) Select LSB
CC-96 [1-127] Data increment (+1) – INC
CC-97 [1-127] Data decrement (-1) – DEC

CC-98 [0-127] NRPN_LSB
CC-99 [0-127] NRPN_MSB
CC-106 [0-127] Tempo MSB
CC-107 [0-127] Tempo LSB
CC-108 [0-100] Change the Mixer Volume (Main Volume knob)
CC-109 [0-100] Change the Headphone Volume
CC-110 [0-127] Triggers an accent hit with a volume from the value 0 (mute) to 100 (original recorded volume) to 127 (amplified more than the original recorded volume)
CC-111 [1-127] Pause / Unpause the current song
CC-112 [1-127] Triggers a drum fill

CC-113 [1-127] Starts song transition (Selects the next part)
1: Starts transition, will jump to Part 1 on exit
2: Starts transition, will jump to Part 2 on exit
3: Starts transition, will jump to Part 3 on exit
127: Starts transition, will jump to next part
on exit
Transition will continue looping until value is changed to 0.
It is possible to start a song with a transition.
0 Quits the transition and go to specified part

CC-114 >0 Starts the playback of the current song
CC-115 [1-127] Triggers the outro of the song
CC-116 [1-127] Selects a specific drumset
CC-117 Not used Enters Tap Tempo mode and generate Tap

the MIDI implementation PDF is on Singular Sounds’ download page.

I’m pretty sure you cannot use BB’s drum patterns to send MIDI CC data -
but you can certainly send CC data from a DAW/Other Midi player.

thank you for your answer and the list of all commands!

The PDF on Singular Sounds’ download page has more detail.

I personally never experimented or even research to see if it is even possible to add / embed CC commands into a midi file.
Sounds like an interesting idea. Hope it is possible. I’m going to start poking around the internet. If I find something that is helpful, I will pass it along.

Thank you i hope you will find something!

place a CC in a MIDI-File is what MIDI-Files are for. :slight_smile:
Problem with BB is, that there is a filter (in BB or BBManager). I tried to put a ProgramChange-Event into a BB-Song, but it doesn’t work.

Yes, @AxelSchweiss explains the issue well. A midi file WITHIN a BB song will not transmit midi program changes messages. BB either filters them, or just does not enable their transmission. However, if you use the BB as a midi drum module, and you have an external sequencer or DAW sending the midi, then midi PC and CC events can pass along the midi stream on channels not used by the BB.

that’s a pity but that would be a good thing if that’s possible

yes bad news. Hopefully thats something the BBmanager people can look into implementing in future updates.
If so it could open up a lot of creative possibilities.

maybe we should sent this thred to the support.
For me its very important because often i have to switch footpedals at the same time. So i have the roblem to make a fill and the starting of the looper at the same time. For this case i could start the looper with midi cc and it would be always starting at the same point
independently which tempo i use!

i sent an email to to inform this thread

I’ve sent CC changes to the BeatBuddy with success, but for some reason when I try to do the same with the Pigtronix Infinity looper weird stuff happens when I do midi merge on the BB. The Infinity varispeed does very odd things or maybe the sample rate is changed from 24 kHz to 48 kHz. Not sure why.

I don’t have a midi through box to send the commands on a different channel to the looper to test it all but I can do some things from my DAW on the looper. Since I have no real midi experience, I put my testing on the back burner for now.

Funny thing is that I could get my DAW to control my amp modeler to change patches and do fills and transitions on the BB but the looper just acts funny. I figure if all I have to do is hit the open and close buttons on the looper I’m doing good!

But I +1 on being able to send CC and PrgmChanges out of the BB. That would be very helpful.

Good luck!

I’m not convinced that the Beatbuddy should be sending CC messages.

its a drum machine not a sequencer. I’d not use a BB to control other devices, and the BB should not be sending CC messages to itself.

I’m pretty sure using CC messages in a device that repeats sections, ad lib, will create more problems than it solves.

I believe what 897 is talking about is embedding CC commands inside a midi file.

I do like this idea, and I showed it to David. We aren’t 100% sure how fast something like this could be implemented, so this type of feature wouldn’t be happening in the near future considering we are still way behind schedule with the software. We have taken notice though to this discussion, and we may possibly implement this at a later date in the future. :slight_smile:

That sounds great. Understandable - You guys must be very busy.

Thats great!!!

Being able to send commands out to multiple channels would be helpful.

I was hoping the BB would act as a master so I could hook up a source audio programmeable eq stompbox, and then embed the midi PC or CC commands to switch eq presets for different song parts in my OPB songs. TBH I assumed it would have that capability. It’s a real missed opportunity AFAIC :frowning: