CC September 2020 Update

I see there is a September update (I previously had the August 2020 version) for the BB CC 2020. Is there a change log or update list to see what changed or was added between August and September?

Usually there’s an e-mail from Singular Sound (for those that have subscribed) that indicates an update is available along with identifying the new content.

For September, it appears that Goran has added a new genre, Mellow Beats for Songwriters in two parts. There were 133 folders in the August update and there are 135 folders for September.

Goran has been getting the default and premium content updated and ready for the autopilot feature which is due “any time real soon now” :crazy_face: with a new release of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Don’t know if those are included yet.

Hey there yeah, the latest update was 3.8.0

We are working diligently on the next update, it is taking time because we are also improving on the BB manager application alongside. Anything you have seen otherwise was likely not an “update”. Can I answer any other questions, let me know!


Thanks Brennan. I was referring to the Complete Collection Premium Library 2020. The latest version just switched from August to September, so I was asking about that “update,” not the BB firmware itself. I am looking forward to the next firmware update though as I’ve heard about some big things in the works. :wink:

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Oh! I’m sorry I was here thinking CC from MIDI

The complete list is available from and you can usually find it on the Singular Sound page near the bottom by clicking on the + Specs link
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 7.13.49 AM

Thanks so much for the reply. I’ve seen the full list before, but unless I have the August list saved for comparison, I can’t tell what’s new or changed. I was just curious if that was a normal thing (explaining the differences) with the monthly CC updates. :man_shrugging:

I did notice a few of the songs had an asterisk on them (e.g., The River of Dreams *) but I didn’t see a note explaining what the asterisk meant. :grin:

Updates comparison.pdf (43.3 KB)

Here’s a comparison file of the August and September updates. This just shows the additions of content but not the changes that might have been made to the beats. Regarding The River of Dreams, I don’t see an asterisk. If you mean that there’s an asterisk preceding the name of the Default Drum Set: it might indicate that you have not activated the Standard Pro drum set.

Although a September notice had yet to go out, this is the August e-mail notice and if you haven’t done so yet, you’ll need to subscribe:

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Thanks so much. I just got the email announcing the September update. I appreciate the info.