Changes in MIDI Songs?

This may sound so ODD; however; just received new BB after old one died about 1 month ago and it seemed to be working fine. Singular sound Footswitch started acting up. Right switch wasn’t working. I would go through the whole process of it discovering the footswitch and it may work for a song or two then again quit. IN all of this, we did our MIDI download of Superstition and noticed it sounded like a new download (in which we haven’t touched it)!! When we heard this weird piano in the download coming out of nowhere, we moved on to do the MIDI download of Higher Ground…SAME THING!! I restarted everything and it never fixed any of my problems. Now I am at home trying to redownload those songs and Hall N Oats MIDI of “I Can’t Go for That” and it doesn’t sound the same either…WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? If anyone can help I would appreciate it! These are three of our best and we are regular weekend giggers!!

It sounds like you might have downloaded different version of the song. Most of my songs are full arrangements that work like backing tracks with the correct drum kit. The other Phil has posted most of his song in a set of 4 folders, and many of those are bass and drums only. Persist frequently uploads multiple versions of a song, with various options: drums only, drums & bass, and full arrangement. Look for Phil’s folders, and then if you still haven’t solved the problem, make sure the drum kit matches the recommended drum kit.

Thank you! It’s weird because what I have noticed is the common denominator has been the drum kit NP BIg Bose Trio Xlr. We have been using these three songs for well over a year and they never sounded the wAy they do now. My duo-partner and lead vocalist noticed immediately. I keep a written record of all our downloaded backtracks and nothing has been manually changed. So just was wondering has this happened to anyone else? Ugh.

Try the 60+C1 kit from this link. See if that helps.

Thanks So Very Much!! Got it working right now!! My Footswitch working well too. I went back to the 2.04 Firmware! That helped my FS glitch as well!!

Thanks for all of your support!!