Changing Tempo?

I haven’t seen this suggestion on the forum yet. I would ask for a feature that will allow us to set a default tempo for different drum parts. I noticed that in some songs by various musicians the tempo might go from 160 bpm to 120 bpm for the bridge, but as the beatbuddy currently works I would have to play the entire song at the original 160 bpm. It would be much more convenient if you could add this feature.

This is coming with enhanced midi functionality. You will be able to include a “set tempo” midi command to set the tempo to what you want any part to be, even multiple times per part. (Now, I’m 90% sure what I just said was true, but not 100 :slight_smile: )

It’ll be good if BB has an external pedal that can increase or decrease tempo, like a volume pedal. Where there is also a selector for you to choose the range of plus/minus BPM for the pedal’s max and min positions. The centre position of the pedal would be the tempo set for the song in BBManager or the BB.

Also an LED indicator showing the BPM being set by the external pedal.

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I hope you are 100% right, lol! Do you have an idea of how soon the MIDI enhancement will be?

Pretty soon… they are working out a few bugs in the new version.

I’d love a way of modifying the tempo from the starting value as well but I can see that it is difficult to do using a pedal as your pedal might already be at one end of it’s travel when you start then next song and reset it’s tempo to the initial value. The only way I could think of doing it was being able to send one cc code to slow things down and another to speed things up. The value of the cc code would say how fast to slow down or speed up. Time for a think

And it’s here :slight_smile: - we now have inc and dec midi CC codes with 1.8.5.

I wanted to post the same question and then saw this post (from back in 2016). I’ve not seen anything that would explain if you can alter tempos in a song and IF you can, how you can.
Is this something that can actually be done within BB?

Probably not what you are expecting to hear but it addresses what users are doing to get around the present BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and BeatBuddy (BB) limitations.

Several user-created songs have been posted with time-stretching “(In digital sound recording and editing) the action or process of altering the duration of a sound, tempo of a piece of music, etc., without altering the pitch.)”

Here’s an example of a song with time-stretching Locomotive Breath OPBkeys(flute)

Phil_Flood has posted tutorials on how to do so using Logic Pro X. Here’s a link to the search results