Cissy Strut - The Meters

First post. Hope you like it!

Sounds Great! I’ve been looking for some Meters / Zydeco / Second line beats / like Jambalaya & Iko Iko !!

Could you please re-upload this file?

Hi Silvio,
I use this one on several songs… there are a few other decent zydeco rhythms in… Groove Monkeys…New Orleans Big Easy Loops

Thank you very much!

Were you ever able to obtain the Meters Cissy Strut file?

I’ll take a look at the source file and see about working up the Meters’ version

Thank you ever so much.

S. L. Stevens, CDR, USN (ret), P.E.

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Wish I could have found a MIDI source file with the keys but this is about the best I could come up with.

I was able to find a midi source file for Cissy Strut but not sure how to covert it for BB.

BTW, thanks for the upload!! If desired or helpful, I can upload the clean drum part midi for Cissy Strut. I am attempting to follow some info I found on converting it to a .sng but no real progress as of yet…but I will get it :sweat_smile:

Cool. My post at Cissy Strut DOP, OPB also includes a drums-only version.

Got it…thanks again!

Cissy_Strut.sng (1.5 KB)

This is the one I have.

Thanks!! I will give it a try as soon as I am back home. Thanks again!