Click always on

Hi, I’m looking for the feature “click always on”, but I haven’t found it in the settings.

Is there such a feature or can I hear the click only during recording or when the count-in feature is enabled?

I’m using Beatbuddy and the Aeros.

Thanks for answers.


Go to settings and make sure “click after recording first track” is set to ON.

Hi Brockstar, the "click after recording first track” is set to ON. I can hear the click from the moment, when I start the song. I want to hear the click from the moment, when the song is loaded. So I can jam along or play/ sing the first verse without drums but with the click, and then I’m in the right tempo, when I start the BeatBuddy.

Oh I don’t believe that is an option in the aeros. Never came across that anywhere.

Hi Brock, that would be disappointing. I’m working with the BeatBuddy, so I don’t need a click during recording. I do need the click, before I start recording when I for example jam along before I start the song, play an intro or the first verse. At the moment there seems to be no way, to realise my click-wish. Maybe the guys from Singular like the idea too and find a way to realise the “Always-on click” … the click is available, the only thing that has to be supplemented in the settings is the checkbox “click alwas on” … sounds easy … :wink:


@BrennanSingularSound: I would like to know, if the idea, to implement an „click on when song is loaded-Feature“, is worth to be developed as an additional feature. I can imagine, that I‘m not the only User, who would be happy about it.


We can definitely look into expanding the count in setting to apply even when a song part has been recorded to already, you are not the first one, please find the request here.

Feel free to add anything you think is missing here