Click with 4/4 kick

First post, and a Beat Buddy new owner - Im just getting my head around it all. I bought the BB primarily as a midi clock for my Boomerang looper, and also to replace my stomp box drum. Id like to be able to trigger a basic kick and hat pattern and hear a headphones click. Please forgive my basic questions but…
*Can I actually generate a click for headphones only?
*Will I be able to edit the existing kit patterns to a simple 4/4 kick and hats pattern?
*And, can I set up the pedal so there isnt an intro, but it goes straight into the main pattern, and then be able to stop and start it simply with the main pedal - using the footswitch to move along the presets.

Thanks for any help. Fab pedal it seems!

Hi @MattyC welcome to the forum.

No - the main output and the headphones output the same sound. You might be able to do some trickery with a drumkit and pan the beat to one stereo channel and the click to the other, allowing you to split the signal but you can’t do this out of the box.

You can download the Beat Buddy Manager (BBM) to edit content. Chances are though, is that there already exists a simple beat in the default content or in the user created songs here in the forum.

You can turn off intros either using a setting on the BB itself, or you can create a song that does not have an intro.

These are settings that are configurable in the BB itself. You have to double-tap to stop the song with the main pedal and you can use the footswitch to scroll the presets.

Basic boom chick pattern.

Thanks for getting back, appreciate it.
Whilst the editing options are cool, it’s a real shame the BB won’t output a headphone click with MIDI - like the Midinome. The limitation of the Midinome is the lack of accurate BPM setting. That would be the winning element with the BB for me anyway, to be able to separate the click from the drum pattern and be able to drop in the drums when needed.
So it looks as though I’ll just be using it to sync my loopers, use the drum pattern as a headphones metronome, and still have to use my stompbox for a kick. :frowning:

Yeah, I guess you could try and find a cheap drum machine with midi out that you can use solely for the click track.

Plus some others had some success with the Sound Brenner Pulse, if that’s any good to you.