Clips are distorted when saving a reversed track in 4.3

I’m running the latest 4.3 firmware, but when saving a song with reversed tracks, the output clips seems to be compressed and distorted. It sounds fine until the song is saved, and each time you save the clip becomes more and more compressed and starts crackling loudly.

I love the reverse track feature, but it’s pretty unusable right now since its mangling my recordings!

Downgrading to 4.2.4 fixed this issue! So everything is totally usable again on 4.2.4 :smiley:

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I am noticing the same thing not using reverse rather simply saving and upon playback nearly blowing my in ears out! I have emailed a video to support. After going back to the previous version things are good again.

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I responded here:

Please let me know if this is the same issue you are reporting @octopus_lobster

Hey @BrennanSingularSound ,
Loop decay was disabled or in its default setting, I had just updated to 4.3 and hadn’t dug into the loop decay yet. It seemed to be affecting only the reversed tracks in my case, but I already downgraded and can’t test it further

Ok thank you

We will look into it

Thank you for taking a look Brennan!!

Hey, @octopus_lobster some questions, was the track that you reversed also locked?

Did you reverse the track in 4.3.0 or in 4.2.4? If in 4.3.0, did you reverse and save it prior to saving when it became distorted or was that the first time it was reversed and saved?


It was a new song+recording on 4.3 without any locking. Was able to repro by making a new song, record, reverse, and then:

-change the master mix level
-repeat a few times

Especially noticeable if the recording doesnt have much headroom to begin with. But cant replicate with the same steps on 4.2.4

Hope that helps!

When it happened to me. It was version 4.3.0, 6x6, one locked track, no reverse. It happened after saving and playback. Revert to 4.2.4 and same song plays back fine. (This happened doing multiple different songs) I have been communicating with Jay at support.

Ok, thank you but I am still not certain that your issue is the same as the one reported here, we will be in touch!