Cold Cold Heart - Hank Williams OPBgs

Uses Dobro and Fiddle kit

Includes my midi file, .sng, and chords lyrics pdf.

Cold Cold (36.3 KB)

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Hi Phil,

I just took a chance to see if this song was available and got lucky! Thanks. I don’t have a lot of experience using OPB’s. I loaded the song using BBM and when I play it I only hear the drums. Is there something I need to do to get the other instruments? Should I be hearing them in BBM or only on the BB?

Thanks again for this song!

You need to download and install the Dobro and Fiddle kit that is highlighted in the link. Then, activate the kit by clicking on the box in front of its name in the BB Manager drum kits list.


You should hear the custom kit both in BB Manager and in the BB Pedal.

You’re a genius! That worked great. Thanks so much.

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