Dobro and Fiddle kit

As part of my Hank Williams project, I wanted a kit with a Steel or Slide guitar sound. I thought I had a Pedal Steel Kontakt instrument in my collection, but I was incorrect. I instead used the IK Multimedia Resonator to get the effect I wanted.

This kit is based on my earlier Cajun Accordion kit, with the Dobro replacing the Accordion. The zip contains the drm and a pdf description of the kit. Pay careful attention to how the dobro section of the kit is constructed.

I will be posting my first Hank song very shortly, and it will use this kit.

Edit August 5, 2023:

I corrected the following issues on this kit. I found similar issues on the Cajun Accordion and Polka Accordion kits, which are also on my list to be fixed:

  1. Fiddle samples - Fiddle samples were mislabeled, and the High G, (G4) was at a much lower volume that the rest of the kit. New samples were created and placed in the kit.

  2. Minor 1 note chords - The minor chords with a slide DOWN into them were not sounding correct in songs. These have been replaced with minors that are made by sliding up, just like the major chords.

  3. Tambourine - The correct midi location for the Tambourine is Midi 54. I had placed it at 58 in the Accordion kits which were used to make this kit.

The issue with the minor notes is the reason for no new Hank songs since the initial release of the kit. I’ll try again with this Dobro configuration and see if it works better.

Please note that while the .zip file is labeled Dobro and Fiddle 2, the kit name has not been changed. This kit is intended to replace the July 2023 kit. Please remove any installation of the existing Dobro and Fiddle kit before attempting to install the new one. BB ignores new kits with the same name as an existing kit, and will not properly install the fixes it there is already a kit named Dobro and Fiddle in your BB Drum Kits list.