Connected to BandHelper via BT now buttons not working

I’ve got the control from BandHelper to BeatBuddy working which changes drum pattern and tempo (see this thread: Here): but now the MM controls to start/stop and other functions of the BB don’t work.

Any suggestions please?

How are the three connected?
You should be able to have them work in a chain, BandHelper → MM → BeatBuddy that way BandHelper MIDI messages pass through the Midi Maestro and in to the BeatBuddy. Then the Midi Maestro can also pass messages to the BeatBuddy.
If that’s not working, then check that all devices are using the same MIDI channel. Also check that all devices have MIDI merge or MIDI thru enabled so that each devices passes along messages they don’t consume.

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Resolved. @andrew13’s response was correct. I’d changed a Midi channel during setup which created the problem