MM with BandHelper?

Does the Midi Maestro send MIDI commands over Bluetooth? I use BandHelper to make setlists of songs for my band. I have used IK Multimedia BlueTurn and Hotone Ampero Control to turn song pages in BandHelper via Bluetooth MIDI on my iPad. They both require their own iOS app to make this work. Does the Midi Maestro app have this functionality? I would love to upgrade to MM, but if it won’t work with Band Helper via Bluetooth MIDI that is a deal breaker.


Hey there,

Yes, this is possible to do with the MIDI Maestro app,

You would just set up the commands you need to be sent by MIDI Maestro in a custom mode on the MIDI Maestro app. The app itself is not a controller app, you would write the mode to the MIDI Maestro.

On the app, after creating the command and adding it to a button, you would set the command to be sent to the Bluetooth output by enabling the BLE icon next to that command

Then, you would connect Bandhelper to the MIDI Maestro while the MIDI Maestro is in pairing mode (hold Bluetooth button on the back for 3 seconds). You would connect directly from the app, in the app menu there is likely a Bluetooth pairing interface.

Great. Thanks!

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We use MM, BB and Bandhelper and all work together seamlessly with the wireless Bluetooth adapter!

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Great news. Thanks.

I’ve just got BandHelper to control my BeatBuddy through the MM. Each new song selection sets drum pattern and tempo. No need for any external Bluetooth connector, BH connects directly to the MM via BT.

There’s a good guide on the BH site here:

Cool. I use Band Helper to change presets on my Fractal FM9 amp sim and multi-effects, which then changes patches on my Boss RC-600 looper. I just need Midi Maestro to change songs on BandHelper via Bluetooth. I will also use it to change banks on my TC Electronic Plethora via a MIDI cable for acoustic gigs.

I ordered a Midi Maestro but it hasn’t arrived yet. Five days after shipping and counting. It left Chicago on the 21st. USPS simply says “In Transit to Next Facility, Arriving Late.” It is delayed due to “extreme weather.” No estimated date.

Well my MIDI maestro finally arrived after 11 days. Those ice storms up north delayed it, I guess. Anyway, I set it up for BandHelper (bluetooth) and my Plethora X3 (MIDI cable), and it worked like a charm, first try.