Connection issues

HI I have just updated the firmware for both the BB and MM. I have the midi splitter running from midi on BB to the IN part of the splitter to Midi out on the MM.
I get the menus up correctly but it doesn’t have any effect on the BB. It works ok if I use the foot switch +

Any ideas would be appreciated. Could it be my MIDI M to M cable ??

Hi there,

could you you be more specific about what you mean by MIDI splitter, you don’t mean the BB’s MIDI Breakout cable do you? Any chance you could describe your MIDI chain set up with a bit more detail too?


Thanks for getting back so quickly. I meant the MIDI Sync Breakout Cable

Hey there,

This is how you should connect the devices:

Does this help?

If you are connecting like this and it’s not working, it could likely be your cable, yes.

Thanks for that.
I can get the footawitch direct to BB working

So guessing it’s a problem with M2M auxiliary cable going g into MidiMaestro

Make sure you’re on the latest firmware 3.9.9! There is compatibility with the MM as of v3.8.0.

I am on firmware 3.9.9 on the Beatbuddy and version 1.1.6 on the midi maestro. I have heard on a review site that the M Auxiliary is a bit short for the MM