Converting MP3 to .sng

Im new to the world of midi, and I’m also in a crunch, so my question is can you convert mp3 files to sng to use with Beat Buddy. I have some drum tracks (mp3) but I need to convert them to a usable for the BB.

Or is the anyone who would like to make some coin building some drum tracks for various songs.


Welcome, Greg32433. I’m not sure there’s a good free mp3-to-midi converter out there. If there is, I’m sure somebody will weigh in with their recommendation. I’ve seen commercial versions but I can’t vouch for how good they are.

Have you searched the Resources section of this forum for the songs you want? If they’re not there, refer to this link for posting requests to the forum:

Although many BeatBuddy (BB) users prefer the flexibility of the traditional formatted (verse-chorus-bridge) BB songs, it requires more effort to assemble so you’ll find that the majority of songs going up in Resources are one-press (OP) or one-press with bass (OPB). To use OP and OPB songs, you will need the latest beta of the BB Manager, which you can ask for here.

Thank you for your reply, I will go read that thread, and may request the Beta so I can try these

In theory, you could convert the mp3s to WAV files, and trigger those. Here’s an example I made for fun:

Wow pretty cool idea. I’m going to explore this technique.

Now if I install the Beta, will I still be able to use the other song files I already have? If so who do I need to contact to get the beta.

Yes, you can. Check your forum Inbox, please.

i wana try out the beta version too, can u send it to me too?