Corrupted files

Recently my beat buddy keeps corrupting my SD cards somehow. I save a new project use it in the BB then come back a few days later and the songs are there but won’t play properly intros are gone and so on. So I clear the SD card reload the project and it’s good again until it’s not. Incredibly frustrating anyone know what’s happening ?

Can be a faulty SD card, have you tried a different card?

I had a similar problem, turned out to be a ripening lemon of an SD card.

I have tried 3 different cards.Another guy thought it was the latest bb software

Depends on what version of the firmware the BB is at the moment. I’ve seen your comment in the facebook group (at least I think it was you). I’m still on version 3.8 untill they have figured out the issue. Brandon says, they are close to releasing the repaired firmware. here’s the link to the firmware, if you scroll down you’ll find the older versions. But if you are still on the older version without the playlist option the issue is something else. BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.x "Playlists!"

Please consider writing to, they may be able to help you troubleshoot here

Thank you for reporting!