Count in Measure Why not 4?

I know sometimes we are annoying and want too much, but there is one thing I would find logical
To have the count in to 4 measure when you play in 4/4?
A logic way when you start a loop is to play first and start the looper and replay to record
With the count in to 1-2 or 3 it’s like you are desync with the logic way for a 4/4
I know you can set it to 0 , but this start immediately the recording
I know that you can disable the Midi start record, but you don’t have the click track before the start of the recording .

Well, if the song is a one press, and it starts on the pick-up to the “first” measure, the count-in should not cover up the pick-up.What I usually do is have a two measure count in. Measure 1 has beats on the 1 and 3. Measure 2 has beats on 1,2,3 and 4, unless there is a pickup. Then the count in is on all beats until the pickup starts.

This idea has some merit. Was a bit hard to understand the OP.

A one bar count-in is a bit rushed to always catch the groove. A four bar count-in (or the entire pattern) would be helpful.

Should not be hard to change the max value allowed for the number of beats count-in.


AutoQ to first loop… Yeah. That would be logical.