Crash reporter

Hey all, since Aeros can be connected to Wifi, why not implement a crash reporter? or at least logs that can be uploaded directly to SS? (i’m working in the video game industry so kind of used to that…) That’d probably help the dev team on the difficult the reproduce bugs and may speed up the process of testing new features in case of beta firmwares. What do you think? (this could be optionnal to let the user decide if he wants to actively participate or not)

Hey there, there is already a Crash logging system within the Aeros as long as there is an SD card inserted. I’m not sure if your method will work, but I’ll pass it along.

As far as we know, Aeros crashes have practically disappeared, so we are not very worried about this right now. They were really only present in pre 3.0.0 betas.

Thanks for the post

Hey Brennan, could this be done to be able to send logs when encountering bugs? (other than crashes) Should’nt that’d help to reproduce the issues?

Hey, not really, because a crash is very different from the very broad term of a “bug”. Unfortunately, if our users encounter bugs, they have to let us know. Fortunately, I’m here logging them all!

Hey there,

This has been implemented since version 4.0.2 and we are currently on 4.2.4!

Version 4.3.1 is out as beta now!