Crazy Train - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)


  • v1 Rock 1.1
  • v2 NP Standard Bass Rhodes
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware ≥ v2.0.4
Includes: 2 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Download Here

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Where to get * v1 Rock 1.1 and/or * v2 NP Standard Bass Rhodes?
Thanks in advance for any answer to!
Alex (

v1 refers to the type of song—not the drum set.
v1 is my shorthand for a drums only one-press or DOP

v2 is for a drums and bass guitar one-press or OPB

v3 and v4 refers to one-press versions with keys and strings

If you are using the latest release of the default drum sets, you don’t need to worry about “1.1” drum sets.

The NP Standard Bass Rhodes is no longer available from this forum as the link was posted on the old forum, which appears to be down. I will try to find this kit, zip and share a link later today. If I can’t find the kit, I will update the song to use a different kit.

Ozzy Osbourne


  • What’s updated? Slightly different source file and cheat sheet; now uses a kit that’s available on this Discourse forum for both versions. Some users asked me why I use a kit with organ when there is no organ present on these versions. It depends on which drum instruments are used in the source file and which kit has those instruments. For this song, it includes the libra slap which is available in this particular kit.
  • Link (in blue font) to new user resources

Suggested kit(s): both versions use the 2082 Hammond with Bass 84+C1 kit.

Includes: 2 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Crazy Train - Ozzy (69.9 KB)

Disclaimer: Music is art, it’s interpretive. So right or wrong, good or bad does not exist.


Just a note in passing - we’ve been using the stock Rock 8 (beat 22 var 11) without an intro at 135 bpm on this for a couple of years. I start on the pedal push playing the intro riff after an audio sample of about 12-15 sec ripped from the Ozzy version. The other two guys play along with the audio sample on bass and guitar and the transition is pretty seamless. We use an iPad program (UnRealBook) that lets you put a play button on the screen for a given song linked to the music file. Its #8 on the linked site list.

-Thanks for the Ozzy update… :beers:

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