Create visual indication for upcoming actions that are expected to be immediate and are taking place offscreen

Odd side effects of the minimum track length rule I think

  • Record a long track in 2x2
  • Record another track in 2x2
  • Press “Play” before the end of the first track

The button says Overdub (and after that Play), but an overdub is not possible (and does nothing other than toggle the label to Play)

Should probably say something like “Waiting to Play” which is grayed out unless an Overdub is possible.

Even better it could do something useful like “Finish Recording Now” (or similar).
This would complete the initial recording of the new track … and then Overdub would actually work. This has other benefits.

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Oh! I think I understand what you’re saying!

Really what it is doing is setting up the overdub, which is the expected behavior, it is not meant to start overdubbing immediately.

I understand this is confusing but we are rather limited on text space, and I can’t think of a short way of expressing overdub at sync point.

Despite this, I do think that in conjunction with your feature request what you want to do would be possible, you would commit the recording immediately, Aeros would continue playback and insert silence up to the next sync point, and then you could (practically immediately) start an overdub.

Ideally, this is how I see the situation going best for this scenario.

I’m hoping this doesn’t get you miffed at me but this is not technically a bug, it is expected behavior, really the issue is text is not specific enough to show there’s a difference between playing/overdubbing and setting up a play/overdub event.

The reason you cannot overdub while still recording is the Aeros is not a multitracking device and it is only recording one signal at a time. Overdubs have to begin once a recording is over if there is one.

Does that make sense?

Let me know, thanks.

Yup! I understand why it is the way it is. No reason to overdub while recording (and I can see why you don’t want to immediately stop recording since that means your timing needs to be precise for seamless loops).

But at best it’s confusing. I’d call it a bug. All overdubs actions in Aeros occur immediately. This one doesn’t. Anything by design that’s surprising or hard to understand is an issue. I wouldn’t call it a feature request either. But this is semantics… :wink:

Seems like you see the issue and the fix to change the current “Overdub” action in this state to “Play Now” (or similar) would address this by committing the recording … and then the Overdub/Play actions today would work as expected.

If the only issue is a short, meaningful label for this new action, it seems like a no-brainer.

I can change the title to “Create visual indication for upcoming actions that are expected to be immediate and are taking place offscreen”, and re-tag as under-consideration

It’s enough of a feature request to tag it as one for me!

We do not wish to change the fundamental way the looper works, if you wish to desynchronize loop starts and ends, you, unfortunately, must play in a mode where the loops are desynched. A MIDI command to commit recordings is the only viable option in this direction as we see it currently.

Thank you for your feedback!

If this just indicates “waiting”, it’s not really worth it, IMHO.

Can you explain why a midi command is the only option?

The overdub command is not useful or consistent in this delayed form.

The logic for the label/action/state transition would be:

If (waiting_for_end of_loop) {
setButton(PLAY NOW)
} else {


Woah missed this one, apologies!

We do not agree with this sentiment unfortunately, we see the use in offscreen events being marked somehow.


The way the Aeros is made to work currently, is that it must set up/end events that are meant to follow sync points at those sync points.

The Aeros track is not built to allow for space after a recording is made, it is meant to loop at the seam, and it is not meant to commit recordings immediately in some cases for this same reason. To allow for this to be supported we must insert silence, which is no issue. The issue arises when it conflicts with the current logic, which we do not plan on changing.

This logic is: If a user is setting up a command , they want the tap to toggle between the action and the opposite action. For example, setting up a recording and then cancelling the set up recording, this essentially toggles. This same logic is applied to the Overdub and Play (O and P) dynamic, and this makes sense currently, in our perspective. A user should be able to toggle set up overdub commands with play commands, which are essentially opposite states in a lot of the Aeros logic.

We still see the value in this and if we had another button to do it we probably would but we do not intend to change how the Aeros works at it’s core at this time.