Creating a Set List in BB Manager

How do I create a Set List in BB Manager?

You should use BB Loader if you want to create a playlist. BB Manager doesn’t do playlists.
I find it’s really quite easy to create them on the pedal unless you have a really long set list.

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Just to clarify, are you wanting to create a folder to use as a gig list or to replicate the process for BeatBuddy (BB) playlists?

If a gig list, use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Songs > Create > New Folder; you can name the folder. You would then use the BBM to export a song you want to use in your gig list folder to the desktop and using the BBM, import that song to the gig list folder where you can rename and edit it.

If a Playlist, as Andrew13 has stated, it can be done on the pedal and managed using the BB Loader (BBL).

Probably best to settle on using and sticking with either the BBM or the BB Loader as use of both may cause problems when synchronizing your project to the SD card.

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@persist Does the Giglist show up in the pedal as a Set List? I watched the video and it shows to create a set list as a Giglist but then others talk about creating a set list on the pedal. It’s confusing.

It shows up on the pedal as a Folder - a song folder.


@andrew13 do you have documentation on your app on creating playlists?

Also I can’t find anything on creating playlists directly on the pedal,

Here’s info on playlists on the BeatBuddy, specifically:

  1. Any song can be added to a new or existing playlist by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the folder screen
  2. A playlist song can be removed by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the Playlist screen and selecting Remove
  3. Playlist songs can be reordered by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the Playlist screen and selecting the Move option

On the BBFF app, there is support for both BeatBuddy playlists (which need to be synchronised with the rest of your project) and virtual playlists which are created on the app and only work on the app. There is a dedicated tab on the app for managing those. The app playlists were developed before BeatBuddy playlists came along but have the advantage of adding songs with a unique name, tempo, and drum kit so you can use the versatile Blues 2 beat for multiple songs with different tempos and kits and find them by name.

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A Giglist would be a regular folder with songs imported or moved. These cannot be created directly on the pedal.
A playlist is a collection pointing to existing songs in their existing locations but in one place so you can easily scroll through them one after another. These can be created directly on the pedal.