Creating new beats from scratch

I love using my Beat Buddy for recording and for live shows. I do a lot of musical theater, and nothing really exists on the BB that supports this type of application, so I am interested in creating my own beats from scratch.

I’ve tried modifying existing one - creating copies and such - but (at least to me) it is a wonky process. Is there a tutorial available on how to do this? Is there a template that I should use? Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.


Originals or existing fairly well known shows?

For the most part these shows are Broadway productions like American Idiot, Jagged Little Pill, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice, etc., but there are also other genres as well as originals for live and recordings.

The reason I asked was, if the shows are reasonably well know, there is a good chance that there are midi tracks available for the songs. In terms of getting started to produce a song for the BB, it will be easier with your initial efforts to learn how to convert a midi file to a BB song. This is what Persist does for his one press songs that are found here in the User area, and its what I did for many of my songs in the user area.

We both have tutorials available on that process. Persist did his for Reaper; I did mine for Logic Pro X.



See if those help you at all, and then get back with your new questions, which I’m sure you’ll have. Good luck!

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