Reaper tutorial for transcribing MIDI source file for the BeatBuddy

UPDATE 9/1/19: I removed the video tutorials as discussed in my original post but I’m leaving the written notes as a general guide.
Reaper tutorial notes (5.0 KB)

Is this a text book solution? Probably not because it’s based on my experience and preferences using the BeatBuddy and as I completed each part of the tutorial, I thought of ways to improve what I was doing. Keep in mind that although I like Reaper, it’s not my digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice and since I use a Mac, Logic Pro X (LPX) is a better fit for my workflow. Accordingly, I chose not to pay for Reaper on top of LPX. If you decide that you like Reaper, it’s worth the amount that Cockos is asking for it.

You can print the Reaper Tutorial Notes to help get you started; it may be good enough to use as a standalone).
Part 1. Finding MIDI source files for your BeatBuddy song
Part 2 Use Reaper to transcribe the drums for a BeatBuddy song; the folder includes several files to accompany this video
Part 3 Use Reaper to transcribe the bass for the BeatBuddy
Part 4 Export Drums & Bass to a Single MIDI track
Part 5 Create a song in the BBM; the folder includes a file that accompanies this video
Part 6 tbd (since the George Strait song I used has a piano part, I might show you how to reuse and modify parts 1-5 to incorporate the piano track).


Always find your thinking invaluable. Thanks for taking the time to lay this out for us.

Added note: Just finished viewing all 5 parts. Brief, logical and perfectly paced voice over. I’ve been teaching myself REAPER until I build up my MAC capability from my meager MacBook of today and go for LPX. This connected so many dots for me.

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Where can we find GM_Drums_NP StdPBass 63-91.txt ? It did not appear to be included in the .zip file.

Since NP StdPBass 63-91 is available from the forum, it was never my intent to post it.
BTW, similar (but not exactly the same) kits are NP Standard Pro Bass or SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 62-91

This is a screen shot of how to find drum sets:
63-91 is a fairly unique search string
You narrow it down further in the Categorized field by selecting a category from the dropdown menu as in the screen shot I provided
Press the magnifying glass icon or Submit

This link provides some more detail on how to search: How to find songs & drum sets on this forum

That makes sense. I wasn’t looking for the specific drum kit, I was just trying to follow along with your instructions. I might suggest including that .txt file in your .zip posted above, as it is referenced inside your documentation, or even better including one for a standard kit.

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