How to find songs & drum sets on this forum

Use the forum search function

  • click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right page corner
  • say you’re looking for the Final Lead Synth & Liverpool Bass drum set, it’s best to keep the search simple by using a single less common word, such as “Liverpool”;

There may be times when your search returns too many results (I used this screen shot merely to illustrate what sometimes happens)

  • to help narrow your search even further, you can add criteria to your search by clicking on the options button just below the search field
  • doing so brings up additional search criteria so if all you can remember is that it was one of the “Phil” users that posted it, you can add Phil to the Posted By field; hint: there are two parts to this criteria that throws users off; the first is to enter the name and wait for the search to come up with the list of potential Phils. In this case, Phil_Flood is displayed and the second part is to select Phil_Flood’s name from the list.
  • since you know it’s a drum set, you can choose something from the Categorized drop down list—in this case User Generated Content | Drum Kit (there’s another category in Resources but the one I reference is usually going to provide better results)
  • before pressing Submit or clicking on the magnifying glass icon, check that the search criteria has all the ingredients for your search. In this case, its Liverpool #user-generated-content:drum-kits @Phil_Flood