Margaritaville - DOP, OPB & OPBk (UPDATED)

Jimmy Buffet

Notes: Starts on the 4th hit of the HH count-in

Suggested kit(s):

  • v1 Vintage Ludwig
  • v2 NP Vintage Ludwig Bass
  • v3 NP Standard Bass Steel Drums Piano
  • v4 Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2

Includes: 4 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet).zip (147.2 KB)

Disclaimer: Music is art, it’s interpretive. So right or wrong , good or bad does not exist.


Thanks for the song Persist… Nicely done…

Drank too much tequila, and I couldn’t remember the words… So I had to improvise…

Got too wasted again in Margaritaville…
Gave up searchin’ for my shaker of salt…
Cut out the middleman and just grabbed the bottle…
Now this hangover is all my own fault…

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Jimmy Buffet


  • Count-in included
  • What’s updated? Different source file (not included); 1 different version; adjusted velocities; refreshed cheat sheet. I had a choice of marimba or steel drums and I went with the steel drums.
  • Link (in blue font) to new user resources

Song version_________Suggested kit

v1 DOP___________________SUB-Standard Pro Plain
v2 OPB___________________SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31
v4 OPBk-steel drums______NP Standard Bass Steel Drums Piano

Includes: 3 songs and Chords & Lyrics

Margaritaville - Jimmy (160.8 KB)