Creating new drumkit from existing kits?

I want to try creatig new drumset, concretely I want to modify Jazz Brushes kit to EZD Jazz kit map. How I can do this without harming existing Jazz Brushes, while I use of its sounds? In short, how to export Jazz Brushes and then import it again as a copy, for modifying, to assign sounds to new place according to EZD Jazz.
I know, that EZD Jazz uses much more and more nuanced samples, than BB Jazz Brushes, but I can get something similar in this way and can create kind of EZD Jazz kit for BB, which means, I can edit my own beats in EZD and play them in BB without further tweaking. And I plan to do this with some of AD kits also, especially with brushes, swirls and sweeps.
Anyway, how to copy and reexport, mean double existing kit, for modifying.
I remember, I’ve read it somewhere here, but can’t to find.
Please help, at least give me a link!
Thanks in advance!

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