Custom mode, Aeros mode, BeatBuddy mode

Ok I know this is similar to previous posts such as: MORE Custom Modes!

However, I don’t just want a few more custom modes, or even 100 more of them. In fact lets augment this entire idea of custom modes.

I want unlimited custom modes. Within each custom mode, I want unlimited pages.

I would then no longer call them custom modes, I would call them songs. I would then be able to customize the midi command list available to me per song.

I want to easily be able to copy an entire song, an entire page, or even a single command to create a new song or edit an existing one.

I want to be able to link a song on the Midi Maestro, to a song on the Aeros, or on the BeatBuddy, or on any other device that makes noise and accepts midi commands.

I want at least 6 more buttons so I can have 10 buttons for commands, and 2 to change pages. I want all of these buttons to be just as big, just as tough, with every bit of the expected lifespan, but I want them to be silent.

I want 2 expression pedal ports. 1 for volume, 1 for tempo. I want 2 extension pedal ports. These to control other pedals that also use extension pedals. These ports should be fully programmable for other uses (other specific volume control, song advance, equalization, dedicated buttons for heavy distortion/acoustic on an effects processor, etc.).

I want to be able to control the brightness of the screens.

I want to control it all from my phone, or any other computer type device by bluetooth for programming, song arrangement, etc. Almost as it is now, except I want to control it all on the fly so if I wanted, I could make immediate changes if need arose.

OK gentlemen I just gave you the blueprint for the Midi Maestro 2. You can send me my check and my new Midi Maetro 2 just as soon as you get it engineered and manufactured.

Like how Bill Burr thought of Steve Jobs telling his engineers that he wanted all his music on his phone. “GET ON IT!!!”

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Yes Sir! Getting right on it :slight_smile:

I want just 3 free custom modes
If you can start with this please ?
TX :wink:

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What is it you are trying to operate?