More Custom Modes!

HI, this is my first time posting here. I’m finding that I am limited with the Midi Maestro when it comes to utilizing rich or full midi implementation with my pedals.

Currently I am only able to access one custom mode program at a time. It would be awesome if the maestro could hold multiple custom modes, this way I could easily switch between exploration modes and jam modes. 60 commands, with a maximum of 120 using the toggle function, is simply not enough to operate on. I am running a Strymon Volante, Meris Enzo and Ottobit, Line 6 M5, and GT-1000 Core on my setup. It is a pain to have to reprogram the unit to simply switch between my custom modes. Honestly, I’ve began considering the Morningstar MC8 as a replacement.

Additionally, I’ve always had issues running my Boss EQ-200, and have yet to prove the GT-100 Core works, with the Maestro. Both of these pedals utilize PC messages only, should be straightforward but it simply does not seem to work over the 1/8" trs midi cables. Thinkin this may have to do with sending signals over the tip vs. the ring… but having difficulty finding the proper specifications.

Looking forward to your responses, thanks.

Hey there,

We have toyed with this idea actually, so you’re not too far off.

I will say that this was just something we talked about, but not something that is presently going to be worked on. We are knee-deep in the redesign of the MM app, and once we get through that, we may look into allowing multiple custom modes that replace the default mode.

This is likely still far down the path, but something we’d like to look into at some point, Dev says it should be possible, no promises.

As far as access to more than 120 discrete commands (I say discrete because you can actually send 8 commands per press – 16 with a toggle – so it is actually more like 960 total commands) you may just need another controller in addendum, we have seen users use more than 1 MM in their setups. It works quite well since MMs can be put anywhere in the MIDI chain since they use MIDI Merge.

Thanks for the quick response!

Out of curiosity, is the redesign of the mm app going to maintain the current midi command libraries?

I’m glad to hear that more custom modes may be added in the future! You got me thinking about a 2nd MM, and I wonder if you guys considered a Mini MM?

I do realize that more than 120 commands can be sent, but for most of my current midi commands I’m just using the toggle function to access presets, activate expression ranges, and individual features of pedals (one at at a time). I’m using all 10 pages and about 2/3 with the toggle function, and in some cases multiple midi commands. Ultimately I’d like to be able to switch between modes. I use an ES-8 to set my pedal arrangement and initial tones/functions, while the MM controls individual pedal functions from there.

Happy Holidays!