Dancing in the Moonlight (Thin Lizzy) - The Bandeleros

Hi Folks,

Last one for today.

I’ve got a video for you all of my 2-piece outfit, The Bandeleros, playing live and using the Beat Buddy. We use the Beat Buddy exclusively as our percussion and 2 guitars. This tune is by Thin Lizzy. The song is called Dancing in the Moonlight. it was filmed last night on New Years Eve.

If you’d like to check out The Bandeleros, our Facebook page is
Hope you enjoy the video

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Thanks for sharing…That was cool…

Hi Vibe4Philo. You’re one of the few users that posts videos of your group, the Bandeleros, using the BeatBuddy. Well done.

Liked the cover of the song. I am just building a beat for it. Hopefully someone will then add bass to it!!
One roll in the verse, press pedal on M of moonlight to change.
double Press pedal on M of moonlight to outro to a roll finish.

First creation for me.

I love it. That is excellent work. I’m gonna use your beat from now on. I had a little practise with it earlier and the pause with the drumroll is spot on!!! It is going to make our version of the song so much better. Thanks a million dude.

If I could ask you one favour, could You upload the midi files of the song. That would be really awesome. The only change I would make would be to put a 1 2, 1 2 3 4 stick count at the start of the intro beat, then the guitar would come in on the 3 count and the beat would run off smooth. It is difficult to get the intro smooth as the beat buddy fires off the start not on the depress of the pedal but the release instead. If you up the midi, I can add the stick count. Thanks again, it really is fantastic work.

Here is the intro file. Once you have edited it can you post it so I can put it on my version .

Thanks Rich

Here it is with a count in. Used a straight 4 count on closed h/hat

Thanks so much Brainyricardo, I just checked it out. It is fantastic. Great work. Can’t wait to use it.

Hi Brainyricardo. I used your beat for “Dancing” live on Saturday night at our gig. Wow… it blew me away. It sounded fantastic. Amazing work. Thanks a million.

Glad to hear!! Would love to hear your version with the new drum beat.

I’m playing this saturday night. If I can get someone to film it for me, I’ll stick it up. It is so much fun to play the song now with the drum roll and the stop in the song. I love it and really do appreciate your work.

I look forward to seeing it.

Now we were playing last night and I got a friend to film us doing “Dancing in the Moonlight” again. This time we used the extraordinary drums created by Brainyricardo. This new pattern changes the way we do the song totally. It gives the song so much life. It even affects our own performance of it. So dude, thanks again for all your work. These 2 gigging musicians really do appreciate it. You have helped to turn an ordinary performance into something special for us!!!

Hope you enjoy.

Great version. I love it. Thanks for posting.

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