DAW Software

I’ve loved having a Beatbuddy and am incredibly grateful for all of the people that have shared their resources and advice through the years. With the Midi Maestro possibilities, I may want to delve more deeply into DAW software. Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Change the key of the songs when needed
  • Be able to split OPB songs to smaller parts (With the MM, I think this may be a better possibility as you can jump around to different parts instead of being confined to OPBs and linear order. While OPB is helpful, I do like the freedom of changing the order and being able to make a mistake!)

Can anyone recommend a program that would be able to do these things without a steep learning curve? I’d also be interested in hearing why splitting OPB tracks is difficult.

Thanks in advance!

Depends on your computer OS. My experience and opinion on DAWs is if you have a Mac, you can use either Reaper or Logic Pro X; if it’s a PC Reaper or any of many other DAWs. Either way, you’ll probably have a learning curve. These two DAWs seem to have the most support with tutorials here on the forum.

Why is it difficult to split song sections? The quality of the MIDI source files varies and sometimes takes some effort to clearly identify and then separate the sections; making the sections play seamlessly in the BeatBuddy Manager is quite time-consuming and requires patience and testing.

Thanks. I’ve got Windows 10.
I d/l Reaper and now need to figure out how to get it to play through my computer speakers. I’ve done a google search but didn’t have time to troubleshoot too much. Looks like the problem has to do with preferences and the sound card thing. I might have to PM you @persist if I can’t figure it out!

Makes sense about the Midi source variability to splitting.

Thanks for all of your help!

Any tips on how to get the sound to play through the speakers? I’ve downloaded drivers, google search and can’t get anything to play through the speakers even though it is visually showing the songs are playing. I see that’s a common problem but I’m stumped!

That did it! I know have sound and can start asking a million other questions!