Dedicated Service Number/ Queue?

Hi - my BB has been on the fritz since last Friday. I got a response wednesday and responded immediately. It’s now Friday and the only way to reach someone is via email with another 2 day wait. I know it’s a small company and very busy, but it seems like there should be some way to get service/repairs on a faster track? I rely on this for gigs, and at almost $400 a pop, hoping I don’t have to have 2.

You have to have two if you’re gigging with it. Everything wears out eventually, and you stomp on this A LOT. I’ve only had to swap mine twice live in the last eight years, but I have had to swap it live twice.

Word to the wise.

fair enough, and I don’t want to flame them - i have aeros, bb and MM and they can do amazing stuff, but I’m only a year and a half in on this unit… for $380 you’d think they’d be a little more durable… that’s most of the way to a full Boss rc 600 (and my rc 300 is still alive and kicking after almost 10 years with no repairs and a lot more use)… and you might think there’d be an easier way to get their attention to send it back for repair… now over a week of waiting for replies.

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Mine have certainly lasted a lot longer than that, so you have every right to be disappointed (but I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it right). What exactly is happening? Maybe it’s something simple.

I wonder if it’s as simple as a really dirty volume pot. Have you tried cleaning it with DeOxit or something like that? Otherwise, yeah, sounds like you have an issue. It’s not a common one, from what I have seen around here, but that kind of doesn’t really help you at the moment.

Have you reached out directly to @BrennanSingularSound? He might have some ideas.

really appreciate the help! I guess that’s worth a shot, but the knob seemed to work because the volume changed (just doesn’t get to anywhere near normal output)… there’s nothing obviously dirty and I want them to tell me it’s ok to spray stuff in there first! Hopefully they will get back soon.

Couple quick ideas…
Did you try both outputs on the BB? Depending on the drum sounds used, some kits depending on who made them may be panned either full right or full left and may not sound correctly in one output jack. And the cables tried were TS plugs and not TRS (not sure if the connection makeup of the BB’s jack would make a difference or not)?

When you used the headphone jack (stereo out) did its cable go to the same input on the mixer or different? If to a different mixer channel input, did you confirm the other input jack on the mixer used wasn’t a problem or a setting related to it? I have an older Behringer mixer that every so often a selector switch gets dirty and acts like the problem you described. Deoxit usually has brought the switch back to working properly.

If you go with the DeOxit for the knob (which if the knob seems to work you may not need it), DeOxit has a type that is formulated for faders and would be more appropriate for a volume control pot.

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