Default beats

Hi all.
Somehow i managed to delete everything on my sd card and my bbmanager. Have been able to download the drumsets + the songs i purchased from the bb library but I am having trouble with loading the default drumbeats (blues/rock/pop…++) into my beatbuddy manager/sd card. I have downloaded the content from the ss page. What am i doing wrong? Wrong fileformat?
Help is much appreciated!

Not quite knowing the exact state and condition of what you have in your workspace or on your SD card, it might be best to follow the complete General Disaster Recovery Steps from General Disaster Recovery

By doing the complete recovery process, it will help you get off to a fresh start with less chance of problems down the road :grinning:

Until all of the issues have been sorted out with version 3.2 of the firmware, you might want to use version 2.7.

Thank you ! Plenty of workspace on my card…