General Disaster Recovery

If you ever need to do a fresh install to recover from problems, here’s the process

  1. if you have custom songs or setlists you’ve created, use the BBM to export your folders to your desktop
  2. delete the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) from your computer and confirm that that the bbworkspace folder has been deleted (to include all instances or duplicate folders of the bbworkspace folder)
  3. download and install latest version of the BBM for your computer’s operating system from
  4. use the BBM menu Tools to Set Workspace Location (should be to your bbworkspace folder)
  5. plug your SD card into your computer SD slot reader and delete all contents from the SD card; DO NOT FORMAT the SD card
  6. download Default BeatBuddy Content Update from the same link above; unzip the file and copy the contents to your SD card
  7. download latest version of BeatBuddy Firmware from the same link as above; unzip the file and copy the 5 files to the top level (or root) of your SD card; eject the card
  8. with the power off on your pedal, insert the SD card and power the pedal on; allow it to complete the install of the firmware
  9. set your foot switch and pedal settings using the pedal settings menu; power the pedal down and remove the SD card
  10. insert card in your computer SD slot
  11. from the BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card; you should be prompted to save your project to your computer and you should allow it to do so; it will begin to the process of loading the project from the card to your bbworkspace; when done, it will ask if you want to Synchronize your project; approve it
  12. from the BBM > File > Import > Folder for the premium songs you bought or folders that you exported to your desktop
  13. from the BBM > File > Import > Drum set for the premium and drum sets you bought and downloaded from the forum
  14. in the BBM click the Drum Sets tab and click the check boxes for any kits that you want the BBM to use; from the BBM > File > Save Project
  15. from the BBM > File > Synchronize Project (to your SD card)
  16. if none of these steps help, please contact and make sure Support’s reply doesn’t end up in your e-mail spam or junk folder
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